Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bok Bok

   I am painting for a food show in April 2011.  I've come to realize a lot of food is brownish, which isn't much fun.  I think I've got fruit, seafood and vegetables covered.  Meat could be problematic.  Cooked, it's brown; raw, it's prettier, but there's a certain ick factor.

   Especially raw poultry.  I took  images of a roasted chicken but they didn't appeal to me.  One day at a stop light (I spend a lot of time trying to turn left in Northern Virginia) a poultry truck pulled up beside me. The image of a plucked bird on  the side of white truck was stunning, with delicate blues, pinks and oranges.  So, I'm trying to decide.
Maybe a small poulet....


  1. Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at what you wrote...mainly because of the accompanying photo. Those paintings of the plucked birds on the poultry trucks are...well...re-touched a wee bit.

    How about a nice fresh fish? Or sea urchin? Or tropical jelly fish for color?

  2. I'll send you a photo I took of a side of beef being unloaded in Italy. Maybe it will work.