Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Memory Loss

Sometimes, I picture my brain as a primitive machine: clunky, soldered and bent.  Personal memory loss is bad enough but recently I've suffered the added insult of memory chip loss.  I took dozens of photos of Gay Head (Aquinnah, for the politically correct) that never made it to a file on my computer.  I probably formatted over them thinking I'd already transferred the images.  What I don't understand is the oddly selective power of a Sony Memory Chip. Using a recovery program from internet, I was able to restore images from Africa in 2006, and Provence in 2007. But none from Gay Head last week. I used a different program and the same images from Africa and France appeared, but none from last week.  Are the programs making value judgements about what is worthy, or is it the chip itself?

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  1. Maybe you could paint some engines and lathes and drills?