Monday, September 19, 2011

Piece de Resistance

The above mural was painted by Susan Makara and is at the top of the family history staircase (see previous blogs).  This wonderful painting was the result of an offhand remark by my husband to Susan when she was visiting in 2009.  The majority of it was accomplished in twelve hours with house paint.  She returned this summer to finish the details.  The cracks in the stones cover cracks in the wall.
This is surely the best house guest gift ever, and we've had our share.  The worst came from a couple who arrived with two children, left them in my care and went off for 'alone time.' Their gift? Two jars of jelly.  Oh, yum.....


  1. I'm...well, fairly drooling over the stones. don't know about you, but all my alone time would be spent near the stairs communing with Susan's exquisite painting. You are beyond lucky!

  2. Cindy's amazing Chappaquiddick house is bursting with beautiful creative energy. It penetrated my soul. I couldn't hold back, I loved painting there! And the rocks on the beach! A rock hound's paradise. Cindy said she looked in on me one morning, and I was smiling in my sleep!