Tuesday, February 14, 2012

twisted influences

I took my sorry body to an acupuncturist. I've done acupuncture before without much effect.  This time I'm hopeful.  There was a lot of talking involved.  I described my art to her,  food paintings, and yes clearly, looking at my body, I've had issues with food.  When I told her about my Asian Influence series, I could not pinpoint when my fascination with Asia began.  As far as I could recall the only link was my mother.  My parents went to Japan and Thailand when I was young.  Connie Francis had a hit song called "Mamma" at the time and I cried copiously each time it was played on the radio. About ten times a day for two weeks.  My parents returned with wonderful pieces.  I told her I also paint a lot of sailboats.  She asked if I like to sail.  I answered, no, I spent my childhood summers becalmed, run aground or lost in a fog bank.  She said, "So you paint things that have had negative resonance."   It was a startling thought.
 So there you go, Psychotherapy and unblocked qi in one fell swoop.

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  1. Interesting. A good friend's art, who is also a fiber artist, deals with water 99% of the time. She's fascinated by it, loves to be near it and her work is shows a wonderful understanding and curiousity about it, yet she cannot swim and is, in fact, terrified of water. Go figure.