Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Last night I attended the opening of my show "Summertime" at the Jarrett Thor Gallery in Colonial Beach, Va.  It was quite the exciting party what with the fire trucks and the ABC (Virginia Liquor Board) on site.
No doubt you expect I set the gallery ablaze.  Not so.  Turns out my opening was scheduled for the same night as the annual Fire Truck Parade.  Fire trucks from Maryland and Virginia, with horns cranking and wailing, drove through the tiny town of Colonial Beach for 45 minutes.  It was rather like being locked in a bell tower.
To add further merriment, an agent from the ABC liquor board dropped in, flashed her badge, and demanded that the gallery stop serving wine.  Apparently, the agent felt that the wine was unduly influencing people to buy art.  (I mean really, how else are we to peddle the stuff.)  No one was buying art at the moment, but the agent was not dissuaded.  The wine was corked and put away.  Sigh....

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