Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ask me no questions...

                        "Canoodling" 22" x 40"
I was asked by the Art League's blogmaster to answer some questions about my blog.  Oddly, I haven't blogged since I responded to him.  So, in lieu of a blog,  here are my answers, the italized words refer to his questions)
    I began blogging because Dawn Benedetto insisted that a modern artist must go viral.  Apparently, websites are not enough.  I joined Facebook for the same reason.  I draw the line at Twitter, believing it to be an offense to language.  I don't text for the same reason.
   My blog is not a true artist blog.  I don't discuss techniques or analagous color schemes. If someone asks, I would be happy to tell them.  But no one has. The Blogger 'leave a comment' section is difficult to use.  Artist block comes up now and again, but I am more likely to grouse about tenants of our summer house or my son's dog.  I try to be droll.
   Do I like Blogger. No.   Blogger appropriates your images as their own, with the feeble warning 'Images may be subject to copyright.'  May?#?!?  It is open season for pirates.  (I say this as one whose images were hijacked and displayed the walls of a fish restaurant in Singapore.  A woman from Hong Kong recognized my work from International Artist Magazine and sent me cellphone images.)
   I have never sold a painting from my blog.  I don't know who reads it, though apparently I am big in Russia, Pakistan and Malawi.  The few members of my family who read it,  do so sporadically.
   The benefits of blogging are purely selfish.  I used to write novels and food books.  When I discovered pastels, I stopped writing immediately.  (That and the lack of  hue and cry from the publishing world.)  Later when I had to write about my painting I found it incredibly difficult.  Writing is a different 'muscle' than painting.  After 20 years of apparent ease, I had to work at it.  So blogging helps  keep the muscle toned.  I enjoy the process.
   I try to blog at least twice a month.  I am up to 101 posts.  During my solo art league show, Erica Fortwengler, the publicity director, insisted that I blog everyday. It was a nightmare.

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