Monday, October 28, 2013

Minimalist Me

                         The Shape of Things #1 ©2013

    No one of my acquaintance would consider me a minimalist.  In any regard.  It is probably too late in life to try to curb my 'enthusiasms'.  The other day, Sheep Jones, a friend and an artist of the first rank, was looking at a photo of an intended subject:

I wanted to make the composition more cohesive.  I had the red of the life jacket in one, the red of the oar handle in another, and the reddish wood in the third.  But how to introduce the green into the other two?  Sheep suggested I remove the green altogether.  Remove the oars, ropes and life jackets.  Go minimalist.  Be more contemporary.
    "The Shape of Things #1" was the result.  Sheep agreed if that it doesn't sell in six months, I'm allowed to revert to detail. And if it does sell, I have to do a minimalist series.  Win win.

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