Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Side-Hill Saugus

    Once, when I was young and foolish, (and possibly drunk), my husband convinced me that there was a goat-like animal in the Andes known as the Side-hill Saugus.  It circled the Andean mountains, always moving in the same direction.  Over the generations, evolution stepped in. The Side-hill Saugus developed uneven legs, the right side legs longer than the left.  Evolution has done odder things.  
    Days later I was furious to find he had made up the whole thing.
    Flash forward forty years.  My right ankle has built up so much scar tissue from repeated sprainings  that I cannot navigate uneven terrain, like a beach.  I can walk in one direction, with my right foot waterside, but turnaround, with my right foot on higher ground than my left and it is unbearably painful.  
    That's karma for you.  My husband now has his own genuine Side-hill Saugus.

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