Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lucky Me

          "Far From Home" © 2003  pastel on sanded Wallis Paper

     I am too lucky.  I was born into a  family that loved me (even after I made fun of  them in my first novel).  I married a good man and have two amusing, grown children.  I've never made much money but I have been able to work as I wanted, first as a novelist and then an artist.  Unfortunately, I've done nothing to deserve this good fortune, which means it can vanish in the blink of an eye.
    When I look at all the misfortune in the world, I am thoroughly abashed.  It's not that my life hasn't had it's rough patches, but that others have never had a smooth patch.
    Those that know me, call me a pessimist.  It is true that I complain, grouse, and bitch to excess. If something can go wrong, I assure everyone it will.  Actually, I am an optimist just trying to trick the Fates.
    I would like the Fates to know I don't take this grace for granted.  I am ever so grateful.

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