Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Post

Canine drama this Christmas was mild, no thousand dollar vet bills.  Sweet Rosie, my daughter's rescue pit bull, has been at our house many times.  The first time, when left alone, she clawed her way into the room where her mom would be sleeping.  She later spent 9 days with us, wallowing in our affection and abundant treats.
This year Rosie arrived Christmas Eve with her parents.  We waited an hour before going out to dinner  to settle her.

Ninety minutes later, I unlocked the door and saw a shredded mess on the floor.  I assumed she had ravaged the christmas presents. But, no, the shards were wooden.  Rosie had tried to chew  her way through the front door.  Another hour and she might have made it.  The trim had been chewed down to the dry wall.  She also attempted a back door escape.

I understand the urge.

No, actually, I don't.

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