Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                        by    Bruce Eric Kaplan, in The New Yorker 2015

This is for my friends, the artists of the Torpedo Factory Artist Association.  We do "amazing work" but sadly the powers that be want the artists of the TFAA to cede to their superior judgement.  They would like us to 'dissolve' but luckily there are laws against that.  Instead, they will mute us.  They will decide who juries in and how long they can stay. The public is not alarmed because The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Va will remain an art center.  Possibly as a performing arts space with some visual art as well.  As one power said of our future, "oh, there will be artists there.  Maybe not these artists, but artists."
It is difficult to pursue your passion when powers that be believe you to be interchangeable.

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