Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friends: Up to No Good

   Fay Weldon once wrote "friends are as much duty as pleasure."  I find this to be true.  
Years ago, I had two friends that became all duty.  There was little cheer to offset the hard work.  I would describe both of these people as relentless.  I am not proud of it,  but I cut them loose.  (Even the disentanglement was arduous.)

   These days when politics so divide us, it is hard to keep emotions from careening off the rails.  Maybe the animosity will pass.  I hope so.

   I want to gather my friends and say, 'Fay Weldon also wrote, "You end up as you deserve.  In old age you must put up with the face, the friends, the health, and the children you have earned."' Amen.  And thanks for being here.

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