Monday, October 4, 2010

Dumb, dumb, dumb...

This first image is the original photo for the painting "Summer Porch" (the source of my Sisyphean scraping efforts).  In my infinite wisdom, I decided that a view of the ocean would be more appealing, so I removed the trees and put in water.  I couldn't understand why I was having such difficulty with the perspective of the porch lines.  Even after I thought I corrected it, it was was still wrong.

Finally, I realized, that in removing the trees I had arbitrarily created a new horizon line and a vanishing point that would not jibe with the receding porch lines.   Such a stupid mistake on my part.  If I raised the water line to correspond with the porch perspective, it would have looked like a straight-edged tsunami.  So I brought back the trees, which then altered the colors of the columns.

It's still under construction.  (The horizon is not crooked, the image is at an angle).  And I'm heartily sick of it.

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