Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more wretched excess

The new Dick Blick catalog arrived yesterday, thick with possibilities. The above is a photo of my first home studio.  Even then I had too many art supplies, and that was two mediums ago.  I had a legitimate excuse to collect the first thousand pastels, the more colors you have the better color range you can achieve.  As I said, the first thousand were warranted.  Not so much the next thousand.  Some day, I may go back to painting with pastels, though I doubt it very much.

My acrylic phase was mercifully brief, though expensive.  Then, I fell hard for oils.  Unlike pastels, oils can be mixed to achieve color range. Theoretically, you can make every color imaginable with 24 basic colors.  Theoretically....  I operate on the pastel mindset of 'the more colors the better.'  I used to surf the internet late at night.  My husband started referring to my horde as 'the midnight oils.'  I don't wear furs, jewelry or Manolo Blaniks, but I see his point.

Did I mention that I have worked in an art store for ten years?