Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Culture Clash

                                          copyright 2017, cindy packard richmond

    I bought the Sony DCS 100 rV for my trip to Japan and Korea.  A small, lightweight camera, it takes 20 megapixels images, which justifies its hefty price.    As someone who tried but was too impatient to master aperture and speed in  Photography 101,  I use point and shoot cameras.  You could do a lot more with this camera other than leave it on Auto, but I know my limitations.
I felt  smug as I dodged stooped tourists bearing heavy cameras with ever telescoping lenses.  I knew that with 20 megapixel  I could shoot at will and crop interesting compositions later.
    I was bent on finding iconic images, such as a geisha strolling the streets.  I was thrilled to find this maiko   (geisha in training) with her long sleeves and unpainted top lip.
    What I did not see, until I was cropping the image at home, were the teenage girls posing for a selfie inches from the maiko.   A rare bird among self-adulating pigeons, this was a true case of culture clash.