Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who Knows Where the Fat Goes?

I lost 40 pounds this year.  "Lost" is a misnomer.   Fat doesn't just disappear.  Some theorize it is follows the Buddhist allegory of the soul as being tea in a teacup.  The teacup may break apart, but the tea still exists. Some think your loss is another's gain.  It sure as hell doesn't go away on a radio flyer red wagon, as Oprah learned the hard way.

I believe that fat exists in two states, solid and gaseous.  You may remove the blubber physically, but it is never far away.  Its vapors lurk, waiting to pounce.  The scientific news about maintaining weight loss is not good.   To stay at your new weight, you have to consume 500 calories less a day, and exercise an hour more than a person who is normally that weight.  Face it, your metabolism has doomed you.

Fat is confident.  Anxiety, Depression or Boredom are its tickets back.  I am facing a confinement that features all three.  Tomorrow I go into the hospital to have a total ankle replacement.  Six to eight weeks of bedrest.  And bonbons.....