Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bad Publicity

                                   " Roman Holiday" © 2009

"They" say there is no such thing as bad publicity.  I wonder.  Recently, I have "boosted" my Facebook posts to generate sales.  My paintings have been woefully lame when it comes to self-promotion.  And truth to tell, I'm not much better.  My parents encouraged us all to succeed in our chosen fields, but then we were to be modest about it.  It took me years to accept a compliment without batting it away with a sarcastic remark.

Facebook claims to boost images by sending them to the friends of my English-speaking friends.  And their friends, should I want to pay more.  I am worried for my friends.  Some of the responding Facebookers look unsavory.  One man's cover picture was of a pile of naked women, inked toe to brow with tattoos.  His own photo gave me pause.  Perhaps he was an actor on "OZ", but I suspect he was a guest of the state.  What was it he liked about my work?

People should keep their politics off Facebook.  More often than not, I am startled by people's political choices.  Especially people whom I once thought reasonable.  I learn from their mistakes, keeping mum   with potential clients in my studio, even when they are covered head to toe with tats.