Monday, February 24, 2014

Handicap Hierachy

   Five dollars and a total knee replacement have allowed me to have a red, temporary handicap parking pass.  Handicap parking spaces are usually filled when I arrive. Occasionally, illegally.  I wish I had the nerve to slap a 'mentally handicapped' sticker on their windshield. Lacking the courage to do so,  I leave it up to karma, what goes around comes around.
   This weekend I found an empty handicap spot in front of Trader Joe's.  When I got out, I looked at the car in the next handicap spot.  There was a woman in the driver seat.  I didn't see a pass hanging from the mirror.  As I passed the front of the car I expected to see a handicap license plate.  There wasn't one.  I kept walking. The woman in the car rolled down the window and actually yelled at me.  I stopped and turned.  She shook her fist and said, "I have it right here" waving a blue handicap pass.  I said, "Fine.  No problem."  But the woman was truly indignant and continued railing at me.  Backing away, I said, "Really, it's okay."  This served to further infuriate her.
  Her last salvo:  "Besides, you are just a temporary cripple!"