Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Slippery Slope

One may be forgiven for feeling creaky when it's time to apply for Medicare.  It is after all, a watershed moment.  Luckily, someone alerted me that it must be done within three months before  turning 65.  I'm not sure what happens if you miss the deadline.  Perhaps you have to wait until you are 130.

I came upon a true indicator of advanced age in the dentist office while waiting to have a tooth extracted, the hole packed with cadaver bone, all in preparation for an implant.  It used to be the only benefit of visiting the dentist was the wait room filled with copies of People Magazine.  Imagine my dismay when I realized I have no idea who the featured people were.  I am so removed from hip culture that Nicki Minaj might as well be the new pomegranate flavoring.