Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Another Christmas Is Upon Us

   When in doubt, follow George Booth's cartoon advice: "write about dogs."  Christmas is the time of dog drama at our house.  A few years ago I hosted an unhappy holiday event with 17 dinner guests and 5  dogs, none of them mine.  I love all of them individually.  They were were all familiar with our house.  Apparently there were some turf issues.  It was Crips vs Bloods vs the small Pit.  There was much gnashing teeth, blood and subsequent vet bills.  All that happened before the guests arrived.  The dogs were dragged to separate bedrooms.  Five frustrated hounds, howling, itching to renew the hostilities.  Polite conversation was lost to the cacophony.

   My daughter's pit rescue, Rosie,  has a sweet countenance and a few neuroses.   Two years ago, we went out to dinner on Christmas Eve.  We returned to shredded wood and wall board.  She had tried to tunnel out the front door.  Last summer she was with us for ten days.  She destroyed the wood around the backdoor.  And made another attempt at the front door.  We have learned our lesson.  We do not leave her alone.

   We are down to one dog this Christmas, Rosie.  Happy Chewing to one and all!