Monday, January 22, 2018

Vacation Home Fun

                                  Photo by Susan Makara  2009

I have been known to complain about the endless maintenance of a Victorian summer home.  Usually I am outside scraping the stairs or the porch.  (My family is strongly against my wielding a paint brush inside.  Which is odd, as I am a painter.  I will say their opinion is justified. )
  In 2009, the soaring stairway wall need to be painted.  My husband was the hero.  I just provided the ballast.

Susan Makara the joined in and painted the magnificent wall mural at the top of the stairs.  She used house paint and completed it in 18 hours.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mother's Little Helpers

      "Mother's Little Helpers #4" ©2018 Cindy Packard Richmond

Our gene pool is our future, we are all doomed.  I accept that no one gets out alive.  What concerns me is the quality of this rush to the finish.  I expect the road to be rutted  and ripe with unexpected disasters.  I have already had a colorful medical history.  If I follow my parents lead, I can spin the wheel between strokes, Alzheimer's and cardiac arrest.  My grandparents had what my father termed "old people's cancer".   I accepted that as an accurate diagnosis for many years.

My eye doctor repeatedly asks if my mother, an artist, had glaucoma.  I have no idea. My brothers are no help.  The doctor seems to feel I am ripe for it.  I took the test today and I think I failed.  You stare at a spot and click a button every time you see a light flash to the side.  There were several stretches where I saw no flashes.   This can not be good.