Monday, January 10, 2011

Stop your Grousing

Whenever I feel down about my abilities as an artist, I remember a quote from Willem de Kooning : "An artist is like a man at the circus, standing off by himself, trying to balance on one finger.  The point is, no one asked him to do it."    Amen!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art is Everywhere

I haven't painted in weeks.  It's beginning to scare me.  When I was a writer, the occasional block would threaten.  (Muses are a cranky lot.) I followed a friend's advice and forced myself  to work at the computer everyday for several hours. If you can't write, rewrite.  If you can't paint, repaint?  I've tried it.  It's not especially gratifying.  Yesterday, I looked through my "Desperate Still lifes" file.  Today, I took inventory of my stretcher bars.  The above painting was done in Diane Tesler's 2003 workshop.  I heartily believe that art IS everywhere.  It's just eluding me at the moment.