Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Past Interiors

I saw this painting by Carl Holsoe (19th century Danish painter) online and was blown away.  I have done a few interiors.  Currently, I'm working on one of the Vineyard house.  I have lots of photos of that house.  But Holsoe's piece made me think of my Connecticut home.  We moved in when I was two months old.  I even got married there.  Sadly, the only photographs I have of rooms are full of people.  I love these people but they are blocking architectural details.  Had I known when the house was sold in the mid-nineties, that I would become an artist and want to plunder its riches, I would have taken better photos.  I do have a video of the house which I watched yesterday. Seeing the house again made me desperate to paint it.   I spent hours trying to capture still images from the video.  I was not successful.  The video is old and grainy.  Then again, so am I.

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