Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Four Bags Full

People like pear paintings, or so I hear.  Not only do I have several pear paintings languishing in my inventory, I still have all the artificial pears from the above painting.  Multiply that times countless still lifes and then add 'possible' still lifes.   My husband has complained often that our house is stuffed to the gills.  He issued a directive: 'nothing comes in unless something goes out.'  For years I have smiled and nodded and then snuck in still life objects while he was on the golf course.  When bad weather strikes, and my back is turned, he de-clutters.  He doesn't tell me what he has tossed. This is insidious on so many levels. I spend months searching for something never knowing if it is even still in the house.
   This weekend I bought a French tin ribbon wreath at Great Stuff by Paul.  I tried to hang it and realized to my horror, my husband was right.  There is not a blank 14" wallspace left in the house.
   So I am purging.  Emptying drawers and cupboards with abandon.  It feels great, until a month from now I need something I tossed. 

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