Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to the Barn

  This is a painting of the "Sisyphus"  porch on the Vineyard.  I thought it was finished until Carol Dupre dropped by my studio and told me the perspective was all wrong.  She was, as always, right.
   So I reworked perspective.  But the piece still didn't work.  My imagination was at fault.
   It's hard to admit as an artist (and former novelist), that my imagination is limited.  Or at least, does not translate.  I have to see something to paint it.  My friends, Susan Makara, Sheep Jones and others paint from their imaginations ALL the time.  I could not even invent a plausible chair and table.
   I paint what I see.   It is,  I hope, different from what others would see looking at the same object.  Otherwise, why bother?
  One of my strengths as an artist is a willingness to rip a piece apart and start over.
  The table and chair are now gone.  Kicked back to the paltry recesses of my imagination.http://www.facebook.com/pages/cindy-packard-richmond/137919006225893?ref=sgm

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