Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fountain of Gravy

At the Art League Staff  Yankee Swap Christmas party today, I received a Fountain of Gravy.  "As seen on TV." Modeled after the fountain of chocolate , Gravy would spout from the top, from a green frog's mouth, and then trickle down over three levels where one could, presumably, retrieve it with a ladle (though I imagine some would prefer to drink from the cascade).  The box promised smooth gravy with no lumps or skin.    Yummy.  A gallery member suggested that I use it on the refreshment table for my food show next year.  Not a bad idea.  However, it turned out, regrettably, to be a gag box.   The above painting, "Well-Marbled" may push a few 'ick' buttons as well, but it will be in the April show.

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